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Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Egypt  (2008 - 2016)

CRC training EgyptIn Desert Locust control large amounts of conventional chemical insecticides are applied, even though biocontrol is on the rise. The most important regional Desert Locust Control Commissions have therefore adopted detailed environmental and health standards to minimize the risks posed by such insecticides.




[photo CRC]

We have been closely involved in developing the Cahier des charges environnementales (CCE) of the Commission de lutte contre le Criquet pèlerin dans la région occidentale (CLCPRO), as well as the Environmental and Health Standards for the Commission to control the Desert Locust in the Central Region (CRC).

Various workshops were organized to training locust control staff to apply the standards as well as to monitor and review their implementation.

CRC EHS Hurghada workshop 20162016 Hurghada workshop for the Central region Commission

Also view the Desert Locust Guidelines 6 – Safety and Environmental Precautions DLG 6 cover


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