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Ethiopia (2010-2014)

PPRP AddisThe Pesticide Risk Reduction Programme (PRRP) – Ethiopia was a comprehensive programme for strengthening pesticide registration and management.

In the programme, the Plant Health Regulatory Directorate (PHRD) of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia, Alterra, part of Wageningen UR (the Netherlands) and FAO collaborated on pesticide risk reduction in Ethiopia.



We contributed to the Alterra component of PRRP-Ethiopia, in particular activities related to the administration of the pesticide registration system:

  • Training of pesticide registration staff
  • Elaboration of the Pesticides Registration and Control Regulation, in collaboration with the FAO Development Law Service.
  • Development of the Pesticide Registration Management System (PREMAS) software, in collaboration with Envista Consultancy.
  • Elaboration of decision-making guidance for pesticide registration, in collaboration with the Dutch Board for the Registration of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb).

PRRP decision guidance


  Download the decion-making guidance document





Further information about PPRP-Ethiopia, see the project web site.


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